April 9th, 2010
Today, 9 April, in Press Council a roundtable was held on the theme “Press dissemination: situation and perspectives”.

Press Council Chairman Aflatun Amashov said in his speech that 320 newspapers with circulation that totals 850.000 readers are published every day. He noted that nearly half of newspapers published in Azerbaijan (40-45%) are entertaining, 40% socio-political, and the rest are industrial. He added that more than 70% of these newspapers attract minimal readers’ attention.  
 The “Azerbaijani Press Dissemination” state firm representative said that only 26% of 210 different newspapers are displayed on kiosks.
Other participants also stressed that press dissemination is not satisfying. Editors expressed a sharp attitude to the pricing of Press Dissemination Firms. They stressed that it is robbery for newspapers’ to get 35-40% of their income from advertising when there is such a weak market. Azerbaijan newspapers’ Editor-in-chief Bakhtiyar Sadigov considered it a negative case that the Baku City Executive Administration moved 30 kiosks from the centre of the city to the country side.