May 31st, 2010
On 31 May, in the Media Council, a roundtable on the theme of ‘Defamation: honor, dignity and business influence on media plane” was held.

Press Council Chairman Aflatun Amasov said in his speech that they held an survey regarding defamation. According to the results of the survey, 50 percent of officials whose opinions were asked opposed the adoption of a law on defamation. He further stated that more officials were against a defamation law adoption in previous surveys than in the most recent survey.
Journalists’ Counterpart Union Chairman Mushfig Alasgerli said that serious public discussions regarding defamation have been held. Given the result of the discussion, he proposed that articles regarding defamation would be taken out from the Criminal Code as soon as possible.
International unions and media unions of the country have been demanding to take articles 147 (defamation) and 148 (insult) out from the Criminal Code of the country for 12 years.  Unfortunately, officials in Baku have refused to remove those articles, resulting in the persecution of journalists based on those codes.