January 16th, 2010
Azadlig newspaper satiric/journalist Sakit Zahidov has begun a hunger-strike today, 16 January. The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety was told this by Sakit Zahidov.

He presented a poem very critical of the dictator regime to Azadlig newspaper on 11 January, according to Zahidov.  However, the poem was not published in the newspaper.

“The newspaper’s editor-in-chief Azer Ahmedov said that they did not publish the poem because there are offensive expressions in it,” said Zahidov. “However, I want to declare that although the dictator regime was criticized sharply in the poem, there are no insulting expressions in it.”
Sakit Zahidov added that he will hold the hunger-strike at home until 18 January, and then he will continue the action in a different place.
“I talked to Musavat Party and to other places to continue the action. I will continue my hunger-strike until my poem is published,” emphasized Zahidov.
Azadlig newspaper’s chief director Azer Ahmedov told IRFS that he considers Sakit’s step absurd. “A number of writings by Sakit have been published in this newspaper,” said Ahmedov. “There has never been a problem in the publication of his prison memories or poems. But there are some insulting elements in his last poem. Therefore it was not published. This is not my opinion only, but also of everyone’s belief in the staff. Newspaper’s Editor-in-chief Ganimat Zahid always noted that nobody has a privilege in Azadlig newspaper. I wish good health to Sakit.”
Azadlig newspaper has been published since 1989 and operates as daily newspaper.