May 11th, 2011
Today at the IRFS press center, former Azadlig newspaper employee Mirze Sakit held a press conference on violation of his employment rights. According Sakit, it has been 2 months since he returned from Germany, and he is still unable to find employment, even at his former job.

Mirza Sakit says that despite his repeated appeals to Azadlig newspapers, he has not received a positive response. He also said that it was unclear to him why his position has not been restored.
 “I am unemployed right now. I need to work to support myself and my family. Other newspapers are also refusing to publish my articles,” he said.
Commenting on the issue, Azadlig editor-in-chief Ganimat Zahid told Objective TV that Sakit’s poems will no longer be published in Azadlig. “We used to publish Sakit’s poems, but his attitude towards other members of our staff and some of the things he said have made it undesirable to continue this relationship. Azadlig is not required to publish anyone’s poems forever,” he said.