July 30th, 2009
Yesterday, 29 July, “Senet” Newspaper Editor-in-chief Samir Sadagatoglu (Huseynov) was called to the Lankaran city Police Department. The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety was told this by Sadagatoglu. According to the editor-in-chief, Lankaran city Police Department Investigation Unit Chief Saadat Gambarov called him yesterday and told him that the department received a complaint letter about him the same day.

“I haven’t been in Lankaran for a long time; therefore I do not understand who and why complained about me,” said Sadagatoglu. “Besides, I haven’t been told who the plaintiff is. Therefore it seemed to me that this was something set up beforehand and asked the police department to send me a written formal inquiry.”
Lankaran city Police Department Investigation Unit Chief Saadat Gambarov told IRFS that the complaint letter was submitted by Saadatoglu’s relative Guliyeva Gizdar Eynulla gizi. “In her complaint letter, Guliyeva wrote that Samir annoys them very often. In addition, Guliyeva wrote that Samir had been imprisoned previously. Samir was invited to make a statement about this letter,” said Gambarov.
S.Sadagatoglu told IRFS that Guliyeva Gizdar is not her relative. “Her father Mashadi Eynulla and I used to have arguments before. And I appealed to police regarding him several times before,” said Sadagatoglu adding that he believes this case is spurious.
In May 2007 “Senet” Newspaper Editor-in-chief Samir Sadagatoglu was convicted under article 283 of the Criminal Code and was sentenced to four year imprisonment. “Senet” Newspaper correspondent Rafig Tagi was sentenced to three year imprisonment. On 28 December 2007 both journalists were released due to a pardon decree. The newspaper ceased its publication temporarily due to financial problems.