Soldier attacks journalist

Independent journalist Zumrud Mammadova claims that she was attacked while performing her professional duty outside the building of the Military Prosecutor’s Office, the journalist herself reported to the IRFS.

Mammadova says she went to the prosecutor’s office together with Irade Ibayeva, whose son Ismayil Ibayev is claimed to be murdered during the military service. "Irade Ibayeva was treated rudely when she expressed her objections for being denied a meeting with the military prosecutor Khanlar Veliyev. I was filming the incident with my mobile phone when a soldier went out of the building of the prosecutor's office and attacked me. He kicked me and tried to take my phone. He left me and ran back to the building only when the passers-by and the Ibayevs came to my rescue" says the journalist.
Mammadova says she reported the case to the 102 hotline of the Interior Ministry: "The police arrived and invited me to the police office to provide full account of the case. I passed medical examination, and now I'm waiting for the results" concluded Mammadova.

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