March 24th, 2011

TO: Law Enforcement Authorities of Germany

Copy to: Government of Azerbaijan Republic,

Organizations for Defence of Media and Free speech,

Organizations for Protection of Human rights.

We, Azerbaijanis living in Europe (ALE), strongly condemn the beating of Fakhraddin Hajibeyli, journalist and refugee from Azerbaijan , and assess it as an act of terror against him.

Azerbaijanis Living in Europe states that physicians have said that his state is severe: he suffers from two broken ribs and craneocerebral trauma.

The journalist was beaten severely by Mr. Tofig Garayev, the head of Azerbaijan House in Germany, operating in Berlin under the patronage of Azerbaijan Embassy to Germany, and offenders that followed the instructions of Mr.Tofig Garayev, during the Novruz celebrations in Berlin.

The severity of the injures he suffered proves that a group led by Mr. Tofig Qarayev intended to kill him.

According to investigation of ALE, F. Hajibeyli was beaten due to his article titled “Diaspora equation”, which was published in “Azadliq” newspaper on 8 April 2010.

 Interference in the professional activities of journalists, states ALE, is against Article 10 (Freedom of Expression) of European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, and disputes relating to such issues must be settled legally.

ALE highly appreciates interrogation of Mr. Tofig Garayev by law-enforcement authorities of Germany and demands that those who ordered and committed the said action against F.Hajibeyli to be interrogated.

Clearly the actions committed by such people are part of a plan aimed at damaging Azerbaijan 's image in the world.

 In addition, ALE requires the Azerbaijani government, by expressing political will, to remove its patronage of those who physically attacked a journalist!

 ALE calls on the international community to take measures to restore the rights of Hajibeyli.