Today the Supreme Court heard the appeal of student-journalist Elmin Bedelov, dismissed from the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy. He was appealing the July 2nd ruling by the Baku Appellate Court.

Judge Akif Isgenderov chaired the session. Plaintiff Elmin Bedelov, his lawyer Elchin Sadigov, and defendant lawyer Ilgar Javadov attended the hearing.

Elchin Sadigov filed a motion to send an information inquiry to the Constitutional Court, regarding the Ministry of Education’s exam regulation # 591 on “the end-of-year examinations of the universities”. This motion was refused. The Judge said that he had determined the protest action held in front of court by Dalga Youth Movement during the hearing as interference.

Sadigov asked that the court fulfill Bedelov’s appeal and return the case to initial instance court to be reconsidered. After deliberation, Judge Isgenderov ruled to reject the appeal.


Yeni Musavat newspaper employee Bedelov was dismissed from the State Oil Academy on January 19th 2010. On November 12th 2009, Bedelov had published an article called “Reportage from Azerbaijan State Oil Academy”, detailing incidents of bribery and financial fraud in the Academy. The article was published on the website The student-journalist claims that the harassment he faced and his subsequent exam failures at the university are due to his journalistic activities.

In April of this year, he filed a lawsuit in the Nasimi District Court against Azerbaijan State Oil Academy and Rector Siyavush Garayeva, but it was dismissed. On July 2nd, the Baku Appellate Court upheld Nasimi District Court’s decision.



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