June 24th, 2011

Today, the Sumgait Appeals Court heard the appeal of “Guzgu” reporter Kamran Bayaliyev. He was appealing against the Gubadli District Court’s decision on the lawsuit   filed against him by Idris Zeynalov and Imran Novruzov.

The Gubadli Court had found him guilty of inflicting intentional minor bodily harm as well as hooliganism, reported Bayaliyev. The Judge Vidadi Jafarov presided over the hearing.
According to Bayaliyev, defendant Imran Novruzov, public prosecutor Tural Yusifov, Kamran Bayaliyev and his lawyer Vugar Khasiyev attended the hearing.
The process kicked off with the speech of the public prosecutor. Yusifov requested the court to uphold the decision of the Gubadli Court.
The defendant side objected to Yusifov. Lawyer Khasayev said that Bayaliyev was slandered because of professional work. The lawyer requested the court to annul the decision of the court of first instance and to rule for his client’s acquittal.
After deliberation, the Judge announced the decision to drop out the hooliganism charge brought against the journalist under Article 221 of Criminal Code, due to the lack of proof.  Nonetheless, the journalist was fined 100 AZN.
Bayaliyev said that he take the issue to the Supreme Court.
On September 11th 2009, a dispute broke out between “Guzgu” newspaper correspondent Kamran Beyeliyev, and Idris Zeynalov and Imran Novruzov, who were renting a café on Baku-Sumgayit highway. The cafe belonged to Sabir Gafarov. The conflict began with the demand that Beyeliyev stop publishing articles about the cafe. Zeynalov and Novruzov sued Bayaliyev, and the Gubadli Regional Court sentenced him to one year of corrective labor.
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