July 3rd, 2008
Today (3 June) a hearing on the lawsuit of “Radio Liberty” Correspondent, Head of Nakhchivan Democracy and NGO Resource Center Malahat Nasibova was conducted under the chairmanship of Supreme Court Judge Nigar Rasulbeyova.

Judge Rasulbeyov upheld the Appellate Court’s decision. Nasibova told the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety that they will send a complaint regarding this decision to the European Court of Human Rights.
On 11 December 2007 the Resource Center was destroyed by police, and computers and other technical equipment was confiscated. Although some of the equipment was returned later, it was returned in a completely unusable state. Malahat Nasibova filed a lawsuit in the Nakhchivan City Court against the police for this. However, the claim was rejected, and therefore Nasibova appealed to the Appellate Court. On 30 April this year Judge Vali Abdullayev upheld the decision of Nakhchivan City Court.