Tafakkur University Closed Down

Tafakkur University, a private higher education institution closed down. According to the Ministry of Education, the decision has been taken at the request of the university.

The university reportedly appealed to the Ministry of Education with the proper application in October 2016, by stating that the Board of Founders of the university decided to cease its activities due to financial strains.

Considering this request and the fact that the university’s accreditation expired in 2016, the Ministry of Education decided not to demand student admission plans for the university for the next academic year (2017-18).

The decision stipulates the establishment of a working group for the relocation of the students currently studying at the university to other institutes of higher learning. The working group is to offer proposals to the ministry.

According to the Ministry of Education, the students’ fields of study and admission scores will be factored in during relocation. Tuition fees will remain the same.

Recall that, a few months ago a similar decision was made on the closure of the prestigious Caucasus University.

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