Tagi Ahmadov demands immediate payment of fine from Azadliq newspaper


On October 25th Yasamal district court considered Baku Metro head Tagi Ahmadov’s petition for immediate payment of the fine that Azadliq newspaper is ordered to pay to him. Ahmadov’s lawsuit was granted. Azadliq’s acting chief editor Rahim Hajiyev informed IRFS about this today, on November 7.

Hajiyev reminded their agreement with Tagi Ahmadov on gradual payment of the 30,000 manat fine, saying that now Ahmadov breaks his promise.

“Tagi Ahmadov says his lawyer misunderstood him and appealed to the court for immediate payment of the full amount of compensation. And without informing our editorial office, Yasamal court considered and granted the petition in our absence. Thus, the total amount of court-ordered fine against Azadliq has reached 65,000 manat (83,000 USD). I am quite sure that these are well-planned successive steps to ruin the newspaper” said Hajiyev.

Background: Azadliq’s bank accounts have been frozen (arrested) over its failure to pay off a huge fine (32,000 AZN) imposed based on the defamation suit of Bina Shopping Mall manager Kabira Mammadova. Another 3,000 manat fine was levied following Yasamal court bailiffs’ complaint. Worse still, “Gasid” state press distribution company fails to payAzadliq 55,000 manat received from the sale of the newspaper. The newspaper’s sales in Baku metro stations have been banned since October 18.

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