October 22nd, 2009
The removal of TV satellite dishes from the buildings in the central streets of Baku has started.  This task is being executed by the employees of the governmental organs, namely by the employees of the Sabail and Nasimi District Apartment Exploitation Department.   

The representatives of the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety witnessed several such events in the Sabail district. Today, 22 October, the removal of satellite dishes from the façade of the building in Bulbul Avenue, where Yeni Azerbaijan Party (YAP) was located, was observed. The employees of the Apartment Exploitation Department told the press that this is due to the repairing of the buildings.
It is said in another statement that TV satellite dishes can be installed on the roof of the buildings, but not in the façade.
Media Right Institute Director Rashid Hadjili told IRFS that this process is contrary to the law.
“The removal of dish TV antennas violates people’s right to property in addition to their right to attain information legally because there’s no law in effect to prohibit these antennas on the façades through which people obtain information,” said Rashid Hajili. “Even if they substantiate this that this is legal from the point of the design of the city and these antennas should be placed on the roof of the buildings but not on the façades, compensation should be paid to citizens for this replacement. The citizens should be given an early warning about this too.”
R.Hajili stressed that this process is conducted contrary to the law and citizens, whose antennas were disassembled, and are being deprived their right to obtain normal information.
Although it was not possible to learn the stance of the Baku Executive Administration concerning the problem, IRFS addressed an information inquiry to this organ.