Taleh Bagirzade describes summons by Ministry of National Security

 Religious scholar Taleh Bagirzade was summoned to the Ministry of National Security (MNS) on 22 September, where officials wanted to discuss the social and political situation in Azerbaijan, with particular focus on any developments among religious communities. According to Bagirzade, they talked about current tensions and their intention to To support the Muslim Union Movement in its efforts to build a fair society.


“I expressed the Union’s objections to the hijab problem (hijab is banned in universities and schools, ed), especially in relation to requirements for identity cards and passport photos, and stressed that these issues need to be resolved in order to reduce tensions,” he said.



Bagirzade, the head of the Muslim Union Movement, was arrested in March 2013 on illegal drug possession charges, and was released a few months ago, on 30 July. 


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