The Court of Appeal left the PFPA activist in custody

On October 6, the Baku Court of Appeal dismissed a complaint of Zamin (Alizamin) Salayev, an activist of the Party of People’s Front (PPFA),against the refusal of parole.

According to lawyer Elchin Sadygov, during the meeting Salaev complained of pressures in the colony number 17. He said that he was tortured twice by the head of the colony.

The lawyer added that Salaev had been on a hunger strike within the 29 days protesting against physical pressures and unjustified criminal prosecution.

“Salaev’s condition is bad, he has lost 20 kg., but he intends to continue the campaign until the end,” the lawyer said.

The defense is going to file a complaint against the decision of the appellate instance to the Supreme Court.

It was impossible to contact with the prison service to get a comment.

* Salaev was convicted on April 20, 2020 by the Salyan regional court and sentenced to 2 years and 3 months of imprisonment on charges of “slander” and “insult” based on a complaint by an officer of the local police department.

The reason for the lawsuit was a video distributed by Salaev on the Internet where in an interview with a policeman, he accused him of inciting a 21-year-old local resident to cohabitation.

On August 6, the court denied him parole due to  serving half of the sentence. Salaev is recognized as a political prisoner by human rights activists.

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