The oppositionist was released after recovering the debt

Today, the Bilasuvar District Court terminated the criminal case against oppositionist Ziya Ibrahimov, who is accused of failing to comply with a court decision to pay a debt. Lawyer Elchin Sadigov told Turan that the accused paid 9,000 and 3,500 manats on two writ of execution and the court terminated the criminal proceedings. Ibragimov was released in the courtroom. According to Ibrahimov, he was not subjected to pressure during his detention and has no complaints about his health.

* Ibrahimov was deported from Germany on May 19 this year. He was detained at the airport and arrested for 30 days. After his release, a criminal case was opened against him for non-execution of the court decision. As human rights activists reported, it was about non-payment of a debt in a property dispute with an ex-wife. Being in political emigration, he sent money to repay the debt, but the funds were transferred without a receipt.

** Ibrahimov was a PFPA functionary in the Bilasuvar region, where he was persecuted for his activity in the 2018 presidential elections. Then he was forced to emigrate to Germany.

Ibrahimov was one of six activists expelled from Germany who have been arrested since the fall of the year. Mutallim Orujov, Malik Rzayev, Jafar Mirzoyev, Punhan Karimli and Samir Ashurov were arrested before him. Later, Anar Aliyev was also arrested, who himself came to Azerbaijan on a visit.

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