May 11th, 2011
New facts have emerged regarding the murder of Elmar Huseynov, late editor-in-chief of Monitor magazine, reports Azadlig newspaper. Today's edition of the newspaper alleges that investigative agencies are concealing facts.

The report states that the information released to the public within the past 6 years is limited to the statement that ‘’the names of two murderers have been identified: Georgian citizens Tahir Khubanov and Teymuraz Aliyev. The search for them continues.’
Lawyer Adil Ismayilov recently spoke to the press alleging that the investigative agencies have hidden some crucial facts from the public. The question is the number of people involved in the murder. It became clear that Tahir Khubanov and Teymuraz Aliyev were accompanied by three more persons during their visits to Azerbaijan ahead of and on the eve of the murder. They are Georgian citizens Archil Cacia,  Nugzar Bolkvadze and Sergo Davrishov. All five, crossed the Azerbaijan-Georgia border together a few hours after the murder. However, for some reaons, the investigative agency preferred not to publicize the names of the other three.
“Azadlig received some information regarding these three. The source says that though all three are Georgian citizens, not all of them are Georgians by nationality. Sergo Davrishov is said to be Kurdish by origin, “ the newspaper says.
The Ministry of National Security did not comment.
A criminal case was launched on the 2 March 2005 murder of Monitor Magazine editor-in-chief Elmar Huseynov. However, the murder has not been solved, nor has anyone been brought to criminal responsibility.