Trial begins on murder case of LGBTI+ community member

The Baku Court of Grave Crimes held an online preparatory hearing on the case of Amrullah Gulaliyev on Monday. He is accused of the murder of LGBTI+ community representative Avaz Hafizli.

The meeting was held without the participation of the lawyer and members of Hafizli’s family. The hearing on the merits is scheduled for July 4.

After the court session, groups of activists staged in front of the court building. They stated that Khafizli was killed because he was LGBTI+, and therefore this was a political crime.

The activists unfurled posters with slogans: “The murderer of Avaz is the state!”, “Renew the criminal code!” etc.

The police took the posters away from the protesters.

Avaz Shikhmamedov (Hafizli) was killed on February 22 this year by his cousin Amrulla Gulaliyev.

The latter said he committed the crime during a conflict and while intoxicated.

Recall that Hafizli was a reporter and covered protests, including the harassment of members of the LGBTI+ community.  He was openly threatened and held solitary actions demanding that those responsible be punished.

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