October 26th, 2011
Today, Narimanov District Court postponed the scheduled court hearing on Khural newspaper’s appeal to suspend the enforcement of the Baku Appeals Court’s June 18th ruling. Judge Senan Hajiyev presided over the hearing.

Khural newspaper editor-in-chief Avaz Zeynalli told IRFS that he had submitted an appeal to the court requesting that the appeal be considered in the Yasamal District Court. For this reason, the hearing was postponed without a future date being fixed.  
Vugar Safarli claimed that his honor and dignity were offended by the expression ‘press butcher’ used in the article 'Ilham Aliyev is not the president of Khural newspaper'. The article was published in Khural’s 25-31 July issue and written by Avaz Zeynalli.  Safarli filed a lawsuit demanding that a refutation be published in the newspaper, and that he be paid 10,000 AZN in compensation.
On October 12th 2010, Narimanov District Court partially fulfilled the lawsuit, issuing a decision that Avaz Zeynalli should pay a 500 AZN fine. After complaints from both sides, the Baku Appeals court increased the 500 AZN fine to 5000 AZN and both the Baku Appeals Court and the Supreme Court (February 7th 2011) upheld the second decision. Recently, the Narimanov District Executive Department notified Khural’s editorial office that unless the court decision was voluntarily executed within 10 days, it would be enforced by the court. On this basis, Zeynalli appealed to the court to stop the enforcement of the ruling.