April 24th, 2008
Today in the Yasamal District Court, under the chairmanship of Judge Ragib Gubanov, a hearing on “Mukhalifet” Newspaper Yashar Agazadeh’s lawsuit against Baku State University Director Abel Maharremov was conducted.

In this case Agazadeh is seeking compensation for moral damages allegedly inflicted as a result of illegal actions by an appointed person, in this case Maharremov.   

Baku State University Assistant to the Director Mezahir Sultanov participated in the hearing as a witness. Agazade asked Sultanova, “Did you inform the director about the decision to accept or not accept the documents?” Sultanov responded, saying, “No, because some documents were lacking.” After this Agazadeh asked the witness is spoke to the press at all about him. “In the newspaper there is a report that in an interview you said, ‘Yashar Agazadeh, who shamelessly insulted this university now wants to study here,” said Agazadeh. Sultanov responded, saying “Yes, when I was speaking about you on the phone I used this expression. However I do not concretely know that this person was a representative of the press or just a simple person.”  
After this, both sides gave their final statements. Agazadeh expressed that the fact that Mezahir Sultanov did not accept his documents was illegal.   Defense lawyer Tofig Sadigov however asked the judge to reject the demands in Agazadeh’s lawsuit.  
The final hearing in this case, during which the verdict will be read, will take place tomorrow at 9:30 a.m.  
Recall that Mukhalifat" Newspaper employee Yashar Agazade is suing Baku State University (BSU) Director Abel Maharramov for moral damages allegedly inflicted as a result of illegal actions by an appointed person – specifically that the journalist was rejected from the university through an illegal action. This should not be confused with another lawsuit that Agazadeh currently has pending against Maharremov for insult to honor and dignity as a result of a letter Maharremov sent to Azerbaijan’s Minister of Finance.