July 1st, 2010

Today, 1 July, in the press center of the Institute for Reporters` Freedom and Safety, TV Journalist Dilshad Mammadova conducted a press conference regarding financial problems between “DeeM-production” LTD, headed by her and “Nur” clinics.

D.Mammadova said that she signed a contract with “Nur” clinic in 2008.


“According to the one year contract, “DeeM-production” should prepare a program with a sponsorship from the clinic, place it on ANS TV channel and the Clinic Head Mehpare Mammadova should pay 6000 AZN to us as a payment for the advertisement,” said D.Mammadova. “The first program was broadcasted on 22 June, in 2008, and M.Mammadova paid us for only a month. For the second month, she said that she could not pay because they had financial problems and she was not in Azerbaijan.

Therefore, she took credit from three banks in my name under her warranty, so I could solve the problem. For the third month, Mehpare Memmedova said that she had a lot of expenses and she would not be able to pay. After this, the broadcasting of the program was stopped.”


D.Mammadova stated that the banks sued her because she could not pay the credits taken from the banks.


Dilshad Mammadova filed a lawsuit in #1 Local Economic Court to get 62.000 AZN which “Nur” Clinic should have paid according to the contract. “Mehpare Mammadova claimed that she paid 18 thousand AZN. So I appealed to the Ministry of Tax, too,” said the plaintiff and added that she appealed to the Baku Appellate Court because her lawsuit was not fulfilled. Her appeal was partially fulfilled and a decision was issued to charge “Nur” clinics to pay 4500 AZN.Both sides appealed to the Supreme Court regarding this decision.


D.Mammadova said in the press conference that she lost her house in addition to her job.