Two activists deported from Germany on charges of illegal drug trafficking

The activist Jafar Mirzoev who was returned from Germany on November 24 last year on readmission is arrested on charges of drug trafficking on a large scale.

He was detained on January 27 by persons in civvies and taken to an unknown location, his brother Vusal Mirzoyev told Turan.

Three days later, his relatives found out that the Sabunchi district court had selected a preventive measure against J. Mirzoyev in the form of detention for four months.

According to V. Mirzoyev, his brother went to Germany to earn money in 2014.  Not being a member of any political party, he actively participated in protest actions of political emigrants and joined the “Choose Democratic Azerbaijan” organization. He took part in rallies demanding the release of political prisoners in Azerbaijan.

On November 24, J.Mirzoyev and his family were deported to Baku. Lawyer Nemat Kerimli told Turan that on January 31, he joined the defense of Mirzoev’s rights and filed an appeal. 

According to the police, 12 grams of heroin and another 4 grams of drugs were found in Mirzoyev’s possession.  Mirzoyev is faced with a penalty of 5 to 12 years of imprisonment.

In turn, the PPFA reported on the arrest of its member Pyunhan Kerimli under the same Article 234.4.3. He was also deported from Germany several months ago and detained on January 25 in Baku, near Narimanov metro station.

The PPFA noted that Kerimli was an active participant of the protests held by Azerbaijani political emigrants in Europe.

The press service of the Interior Ministry provided no comments on these two individuals.

It ought to be noted that in October 2021, activists Malik Rzayev and Mutallim Orudzhev, who had been deported from Germany, were also arrested on charges of drug trafficking.

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