Two members of “Muslim Unity” reportedly detained

Member of the “Muslim Unity” Movement Nijat Aliyev was detained on 1 December in Baku by persons in civilian and taken away in an unknown location, the MUM reported. 

In turn, Aliyev’s relatives said that on December 1, he left his house in Masazir settlement and did not return.

“Nijat works as a taxi driver. Yesterday afternoon, around 1pm, he left home in his car with state number 90 PT 214.  After that, he disappeared and is not answering calls.

Yesterday, I called the Home Ministry’s 102 service, but so far no information has been given to Nijat’s family about his whereabouts. The local police say that they are looking for him,” Aliyev’s mother Enigul Aliyeva told Turan.

Another member of the “Muslim Unity” Movement, Samir Babayev, was detained at about 11am on December 2 in Mashtaga village by unknown persons. The MUM failed to find out his fate.

The Interior Ministry press service said it had no information about the detentions of Aliyev and Babayev.

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