December 10th, 2008
Today, 10 December, “Uch Nogta” Newspaper’s editorial office was robbed. The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety was told this by the newspaper’s assistant chief editor Elmaddin Muradov.

According to Muradov, employees coming to work in the morning found the door to the office broken.

Muradov said they suspect workers repairing a store that is located in the same building as the editorial office. According to him, they enter the editorial office and the store from the same entrance. Therefore the workers have the key to the door. “We informed hotline (102) of the Internal Ministry about the incident right away and entered the editorial office with the police employees. There was residue of blood there.”

According to Muradov, five monitors and one printer were stolen. The Yasamal District Police Department and Baku Head Police Department employees also visited the place where the incident took place. And an investigation is being carried out into the incident.

We tried to contact Yasamal District Police Department Police Unit 26 and Internal Ministry Press Service, however our calls went unanswered.