December 19th, 2008
Recently reports that the imprisoned journalists will be included in the annual pardon decree issued around New Years have been published in the press. The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety contacted families of the imprisoned journalists to learn their positions on this issue.

Imprisoned “Azadlig” Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Ganimat Zahid’s spouse Ayanda Mursaliyeva does not hope for the pardon decree. “Both Ganimat and I approach the pardon decree with pessimism,” said Mursaliyeva. “Therefore we are not planning to appeal to any official organs to ask to free Ganimat.”
“Bizim Yol” Newspaper correspondent Mushfig Huseynov’s wife Arzu Huseynova had a more optimistic approach to the pardon decree. “Mushfig is in prison for something he did not do, and therefore I am hopeful that he will be released through a pardon decree,” said Arzu. “I hope for his release every moment and so do his two very young children.”
The parents of Editor-in-Chief of “Realniy Azerbaijan” and “Gundalik Azerbaijan” newspapers Eynulla Fatullayev’s mother Gulshan Fatullayeva said that they had already appealed for a pardon once and did not get any result. “We can appeal again if there’s need to,” said Fatullayeva. “I simply want my son to be free.”
“Azadlig” Newspaper satiric/journalist Sakit Zahidov’s wife Rena Zahidova said that she does not expect anything from the pardon decree and therefore will not appeal anywhere.