December 20th, 2008
Yesterday, 19 December, family members visited imprisoned “Azadlig” Newspaper Satiric/journalist Sakit Zahidov in Prison #10.

Zahidov’s spouse Rena Zahidova and mother Khadija Zahidova visited the journalist. R.Zahidova told this to the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety.  
“”Sakit does not have any complaints about his health, prison conditions or the attitude of the staff towards him. He misses his children a lot,” said Zahidova. “Five months left till his prison term is over and he is waiting for this day impatiently. Sakit was moved when he saw his mother. He has only his mother alive after his father passed away.”
Ganimat Zahid and Sakit Zahidov's father Salim Zahidov died in the evening on 1 December. After the brothers' mother Hadija Zahidova, and countless human rights activists, sent a telegram to the Justice Ministry, G. Zahid and S. Zahidov were temporarily released on the night of 2 December. On 8 December the Zahidov brothers were sent back to their respective prisons.
Ganimat Zahidov, who is currently being held in Prison #17, was arrested in November, 2007 and was sentenced to four year imprisonment. S.Zahidov was arrested in 2006 and was sentenced to three year imprisonment.