January 12th, 2009
Ismayil Hasanov’s wife, II degree invalid Khanimzar Abo gizi, and son, I degree invalid Hasanov Elvin, are missing.  Ismayil Hasanov was placed in a psychiatric hospital in Azerbaijan’s autonomous exclave Nakhchivan because he complained about police arbitrariness. For five days now Ismayil Hasanov’ srelatives have not been able to find Elvin and Khanimzar. Yesterday, 11 January, Hasanova’s brother Maharram Ismayilov appealed to the Sadarak region Police department in connection with this. Hasanov’s relatives told this to the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety.

“Five days ago Hasanova Khanimzar Abo gizi and Hasanov Elvin took some food and warm clothes to the psychiatric hospital for Ismayil,” said Maharram Ismayilov. “On that day police searched for them in Sadarak region. They did not return home. Then police listed the addresses of all our relatives. We even gave them the addresses of our relatives living in Nakhchivan city. A search has been conducted in the houses of our relatives there. We have not been able to receive any information about them; whether they had an accident, were arrested or something happened to them. Not knowing what to do, yesterday we appealed to the Sadarak district Police Department in connection with their missing. In the Police Department the chief asked me, ‘Where are they?’ I told him, ‘You have driven them out of their home.’ I am going to Baku in two days. I will sit in front of Presidential Administration and meet with the president. I will try to talk to President Ilham Aliyev about the incidents that happened here.”
“You do not have anything to do with this issue. This is the work of the police and the police are investigating the case.” IRFS was told this by the Sadarak region Police Department Head Fariz Mammadov during a phone conversation.

On 24 December 2008 a group of youth was taken to Sadarak region Police Department and held there until the next morning. Their parents wrote a complaint letter to the Internal Ministry of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the president of the country because the youth was subjected to physical, moral and psychological pressure there. On 3 December, I. Hasanov was taken to Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Internal Ministry and was held there. Then he was taken to a psychiatric hospital.