Witnesses questioned at Hasan Huseynli trial


On June 23-24, trial resumed on the case of human rights activist, head of the Ganja-based “Intelligent Citizen” Enlightenment Center, Hasan Huseynli in Ganja city Nizami District Court. The process was chaired by Judge Ayaz Mahmudov.

According to the lawyer Alayif Hasanov, two prosecution witnesses claimed that Huseynli had stabbed the victim. Hasanov noted that one of the witnesses gave testimony which contradicted his initial account of event provided to investigators.

The defense filed a motion for requesting surveillance camera footages from the place of incident. Though the camera of the Central Post office recorded the incident, it was said there was nothing in the memory card.

Forensic expert opinions were also read at the hearing. According to the opinion, fingerprints detected on the knife could not be used as evidence as they were indefinite. Fiber found on the trousers of Huseynli matched the material of the victim’s coat. But Huseynli did not deny contact with that person.

Defense also motioned for requesting judgments on several other cases heard in Nizami and Kapaz District Courts of Ganja. The lawyer stated that names of the victim and two witnesses in Huseynli’s case are also mentioned in those cases as circumstantial witnesses. Judge dismissed this motion.

The trial will continue on July 4.

Huseynli is charged with stabbing his neighbor Arzu Gahramanov. Ganja City Main Police Office has opened a criminal case under Article 221.3 of the Criminal Code (hooliganism committed with use of a weapon). A restraining order has been imposed on Huseynli, which requires him not to leave his town of residence without permission while under investigation.

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