November 30th, 2010
“Yeni Musavat” newspaper employee Zulfiyya Sakitgizi faced harassment while working, Sakitgizi told IRFS.

According to Sakitgizi, with the aim of investigating a letter of complaint sent to Yeni Musavat newspaper by the Western University student Farid Akbarli, she visited the University. However, she faced pressure there from the University leadership:
“I went to the university regarding the student’s complaint sent to the editorial office. The student was noting that despite the fact that he had paid the education fee, he was demanded to pay another 900 AZN. The university interfered with our professional work and phoned to the Ministry of Internal Affairs 102 service. Employees from Sabail District Police Department #9 arrived, came and took me and “Dalga” Youth Movement member Parviz Hashimov to the police department.” said Sakitgizi.
“The journalists were set free after being identified and writing an explanation, Ministry of Internal Affairs press service deputy chief Ehsan Zahidov told IRFS.
“Yeni Musavat” daily newspaper has been operating since 1989.