Yeni Musavat newspaper is ordered to pay damages in defamation case

On July 31st Baku Administrative-Economic Court #2 chaired by judge Khalig Imanov heard the lawsuit filed by Gilan Gabala Cannery LLC against Yeni Musavat newspaper.

The judge partially granted the lawsuit and imposed 50 000 AZN fine on the newspaper, Yeni Musavat reported to the IRFS.
The judge heard the testimonies by the parties: the legal representative of the plaintiff defended the lawsuit and asked the court to order that the newspaper print a retraction and pay compensation. Gilan Gabala Cannery LLC sued Yeni Musavat newspaper for the article “Juice called JALE is Very Dangerous” published in Yeni Musavat newspaper for several times between 2009 and 2011 and demanded that the newspaper pay 1 000 000 AZN in compensation.
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