May 10th, 2011
Yeni Musavat reporter Zulfiyya Sakitgizi was harrassed at the May 6 anti-hijab ban protest held by a group of Muslims, in front of the Education Ministry. Her camera was seized by the police, deputy editor-in-chief of Yeni Musavat Azer Aykhan told IRFS.

“Upon the editorial office’s appeal to the Interior Ministry, the Narimanov District Police Office was tasked with investigating the case. I visited the police office on May 5, bringing with me a photograph of my reporter being harrassed. The Deputy Head of the police office recognized the person in the photo who was doing the harrassing. It became clear that he person was an investigator. The deputy chief contacted him, and he was told that the people who confiscated the camera were National Security Ministry employees. We contacted the Ministry press service, but the head of the press service, Arif Babayev, claimed they knew nothing about the incident,” said Aykhan.
Aykhan added that the Interior Ministry spokesman Elshan Zahidov had confirmed that the camera was not in the Interior Ministry, and that the police had not taken a camera at the protest.