Youth activist cautioned for a Facebook post


Nurana Suleymanzade, a member of the Azerbaijan Popular Front Party Youth Committee, received a police warning on July 30, in relation to a Facebook post.


According to Suleymanzade, she was summoned to Surakhani district Police Office today, and received a verbal warning for her critical Facebook post.


“Last night police came to our house, and as I was not at home, they took my father to the police office. They did not say much to him, only that they were looking for me in relation to a Facebook post. When I went along, I received a verbal warning,” Suleymanzade said.


An extract from the Facebook post in question:


“(…) Just look at the boundlessness of unlawfulness: due to Emin Milli’s journalistic activities, they have arrested his brother-in-law Nazim Agabayov on bogus drug charges. (…) Similarly, because of his work, the nephew of Ganimat Zahid, presenter of the Azerbaijan Hour program, has been arrested. So too has the brother of journalist Natig Adilov.


Meanwhile, President Ilham Aliyev repeatedly emphasizes in his speeches that freedom of press and freedom of expression are respected in our country. But for those who did not live through the difficult political period of 1937 (period of Stalin’s repressions, ed), it is being repeated in 2015. For exercising the most natural and inherent human rights, the freedom of expression and press, families are being threatened and subjected to psychological tort

ure (…)




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