Youths Sentenced to Administrative Detention for Participating in Protest Rally


Though the majority of those detained after the National Council’s “No to Monarchy” protest rally of September 17 have been released, some 15 youths are still being held in police custody for the past two days.

Today, one of those youths by name Emin Maniyev was freed from the 29th police station, while others were taken to Yasamal District Court.

Yasamal District Court today ordered 8-day administrative detention of youth activists Togrul Ibrahim, Ruslan Garayev, Nuru Nuruzade, Elton Ali, Orkhan Jarchi, Majnun Piraliyev, Araz Samad, Mammad Balammadov, Dayanat Aliyev, Ulfat Hasangarayev, Kazim Imanov, and Shamistan Shahverdiyev. Youth activist Nurlan Sariyev was sentenced to 200-AZN fine. The youths were found guilty under Article 535.1 (resisting the police) of the Code of Administrative Offences.

According to the youths, some of them were denied food and water in police custody for 30 hours.

Background: On September 17, the National Council held a protest rally in Mahsul Stadium of Baku under the slogans “No to Monarchy” and “Stop the Pillage.” The rally had been sanctioned by the local executive authorities and lasted for 2 hours. A confrontation occurred between the protesters and the police upon the completion of the rally, and a number of youths including several journalists were detained. Some of them were later released.

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