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Bahruz Bayramov risks being debarred

Supreme Court judge Farhad Karimov has filed a complaint with the Bar Association against lawyer Bahruz Bayramov, said the lawyer himself on November 21.   In his appeal to the Bar, the judge noted that the lawyer had used abusive language about him in media interviews.   Based on the judge’s appeal, the Disciplinary Commission of the Bar Association has applied to the Bar Association to debar Bahruz Bayramov.   Bayramov rejects

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Lawyers face Bar Association complaint

    Supreme Court judge Ferhad Karimov has requested that the Bar Association of Azerbaijan Republic launch disciplinary proceedings against lawyers Elchin Sadigov and Bahruz Bayramov, reported Sadigov on November 16. Elchin Sadigov is currently representing human rights defenders Arif Yunus and Leyla Yunus and journalist Khadija Ismayil. He is also the lawyer for several other political prisoners. According to the lawyer, the appeal submitted

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