Bahruz Bayramov risks being debarred

November 20th, 2015

Supreme Court judge Farhad Karimov has filed a complaint with the Bar Association against lawyer Bahruz Bayramov, said the lawyer himself on November 21.


In his appeal to the Bar, the judge noted that the lawyer had used abusive language about him in media interviews.


Based on the judge’s appeal, the Disciplinary Commission of the Bar Association has applied to the Bar Association to debar Bahruz Bayramov.


Bayramov rejects the judge’s claim as absurd, and that he has never verbally abused him.


“Farhad Karimov presided over journalist Parviz Hashimli’s appeal in the Supreme Court, which took place after the exposure of the notorious group at the Ministry of National Security (MNS). Parviz Hashimli and his relatives had hopes that the case would be tried fairly, as he had been targeted by now-discredited MNS officials. Unexpectedly, however, Farhad Karimov upheld the sentence, a decision which I criticized,” said the lawyer.