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Eldaniz Guliyev’s case referred to Supreme Court

 On July 30, Eldaniz Guliyev, the chairman of the Union of Intellectuals, reported that Nasimi District Court has denied his motion for exemption from serving remainder of his community service sentence, and that the case has now been referred to the Supreme Court.   According to Guliyev, he presented written documentation on his illness to the court, which should compel the court to lift his sentence.   “I believe that in the end,

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Eldaniz Guliyev’s application rejected

On 3 July, the Nasimi District Court, chaired by Judge Shalala Hasanova, heard the case of Guliyev Eldaniz Jumshud oglu, the head of the Intellectuals' Union and a member of the Natiional Council.     At the hearing, Eldaniz Guliyev requested exemption from the penalty of 480-hour community service imposed by Nasimi District Court decision #1(006)-362/2014, dated 30 October 2014, convicting him under article 147.1 of the Criminal Code.

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