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Opposition Party Musavat Party Requests Airtime from Public Broadcaster

Musavat Party chairman Arif Hajili has appealed to the Ichtimai (“public”) Television and Radio Broadcasting Company Director, Jamil Guliyev, for the allocation of a 30-minute slot for the party on the TV channel.  According to Arif Hajili, the media has a role to play in helping the country find a way out of the economic crisis. “I believe that Ichtimai television should organize public discussions on the socio-economic situation, bringing

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Political exile denied entry into Azerbaijan

    On December 20, Musavat Party member Eldaniz Yusibov, a political exile living in Netherlands, was not allowed to enter Azerbaijan, reported his son Isa Yusibov.   Isa Yusibov said that his father came to Azerbaijan to attend the ceremony of mourning for his late brother. However, at the border, he was informed that he had been banned by the authorities from entering the country.    Eldaniz Yusibov served as the governor

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