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Conversation with Ilham Aliyev about pressure on civil society

Conversation with Ilham Aliyev about pressure on civil society       In April of this year, Azerbaijan lost its “full member” status at the organization and gained a “candidate” status, which shows that the civil society in Azerbaijan is facing a problematic situation.   According to her, President Aliyev related the pressures against the civil society to “some instability in the region.”   Clare Short served

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Transparency International Azerbaijan Chapter Head testifies for the prosecution

  Summary: Second Hearing during the Trial of Leyla and Arif Yunus (July 27 2015)   ·      A witness for the prosecution, Rena Safaraliyeva, the head of the Transparency International Azerbaijani Chapter, concluded her time on the stand with a grilling from defence lawyers. Safaraliyeva, who claims to be a victim in the case, testified about the alleged damages she had suffered. Safaraliyeva failed to substantiate

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