Emin Huseynov

December 18th, 2012

Co-founder and CEO

Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety

Emin Huseynov is the founder and chairman of the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS).

Under Huseynov’s guidance, IRFS launched dozen of campaigns against Impunity and established the Objective TV, which is an independent online news source dedicated to providing alternative human rights news from Azerbaijan to counter the increasing government control of traditional news sources . Huseynov has also led efforts to protect press freedom on the Internet as journalists increasingly work online.

Prior IRFS, Huseynov worked with a team of local journalists to publish online articles and news briefs about business, economics and politics for the premier news and information agency in Azerbaijan.

His human rights record includes up to ten years in Azerbaijan, with particular emphasis on protection of media rights and freedom of expression.

Huseynov holds a Master’s degree from Azerbaijan State Economic University.

Emin (dot) Huseynov (at) irfs (dot) org

WhatsApp +41 78 652 83 99