January 22nd, 2009
“Rabita Bank” Open Shareholding Society has filed a lawsuit against "Avropa + Baki" radio station in Baku Local Economy Court #1 demanding the repayment of debt. The Institute for Reporters' Freedom and Safety contacted “Rabita Bank,” but did not receive answer to its questions.

According to “Lent.az” News Agency, in 1999 "Avropa + Baki" Closed Shareholding Society borrowed 50,000 AZN in credit from “Rabita Bank” with at an interest rate of 30 percent. The Closed Shareholding Society returned 83 000 AZN to the bank after nine years. According to “Rabita bank’s” claim, the radio station still needs to return 23 000 AZN. “Avropa+ Baki” made late payments and therefore credit interests have been amassed. The amount of the debt is 23,000 AZN at present, according to the lawsuit. The hearing on the case, which is considered by Judge Gurban Abbasov, continues.
IRFS contacted "Avropa + Baki" radio station via phone. However, no one wanted to answer questions.