January 22nd, 2009
"Avropa + Baki" Radio Station has been sued by the National Radio and TV Council (NTRC). The Institute for Reporters' Freedom and Safety was told this by NTRC Assistant Chairman Togrul Mammadov.

The lawsuit against the radio station has been filed to end the license given to "Avropa + Baki" radio station for six years as a local radio. NTRC licensed the radio station in 2006. On 30 December 2008, NTRC issued a decision to cease the activity of "Avropa + Baki" radio station and filed a lawsuit against "Avropa + Baki" radio station in Baku Local Economy Court #1 to rescind the radio’s license.

According to lawyer Alasgar Mammadli, neither the National Radio and TV Council nor Communications and Information Technologies Ministry have the right to cease the radio’s activity if the term of license is not over legally. It is only possible to cease the broadcasts of “Avropa-Baki” radio on the basis of a court decision.
Media Rights Institute Chairman Rashid Hajili stated that the radio’s activity cannot be ceased through NTRC’s decision even if “Avropa-Baki” radio station did not fulfill the demands of the Law “On TV and Radio Broadcasting”. This can only be done after a court decision.
No one from "Avropa + Baki" radio station wanted to answer questions regarding this issue.