December 12th, 2008
Yesterday, 11 December, was the 60th birthday of well-known reporter Farhad Karimov (“Yeni Musavat”).

F. Karimov was lost his life on 21 May 1995 in Chechnya while fulfilling his journalistic duties. The reporter was buried in Shuan Village of Noja-Yurd region in Chechnya. Only after three and half years it was possible with the help of his relatives to bring his corpse to his home country and to bury him by the grave of his father.
F. Karimov conducted recordings not only in Azerbaijan, but also in Georgia, Chechnya and Tajikistan. His recordings in Chechnya were recognized the best TV recordings in the world in 1995 and he was awarded to Rory Peck prize after his death.
Karimov was born on 11 December 1948 Moscow. He began his work in “Molodyoj Azerbaydjana”. He had been the editor of information department of “Turan” News Agency since 1 October 1991. He began cooperating with “Reuter” and “Associated Press” agencies in 1992.