June 2nd, 2009
Today, 2 June, Musavat Party members attempted to conduct a protest action in front of Iran’s Embassy to Azerbaijan; however police did not permit the action to take place in front of the embassy. Only two Musavat Party members were allowed to submit the action resolution to the embassy.

After protest participants objecting to violations of Azerbaijanis’ rights in Iran talked to the police, the action was held in Akhundov garden. The police did not let the protect participants chant slogans and raise placards, and the placards were taken from them.
Musavat Party Central Executive Administration Head Arif Hajili spoke about right violations against Azerbaijanis living in Iran and said that their national rights are not secured.
According to Musavat Party Central Executive Administration Head Arif Hajili, Baku City Executive Administration did not sanction Musavat Party’s protest planned for today. It was noted in an official response letter sent to the party that the notification has not been considered since it reached the Executive Administration on 29 May.