August 9th, 2011
Today, Yasamal District Court held a preliminary court hearing on the lawsuit filed by Natig Gulahmadoglu (Adilov) against Lider TV. Judge Anar Rzayev presided over the hearing. Plaintiff Natig Adilov and his lawyer Intigam Aliyev were in attendance, but the defendant side failed to show up.

Adilov’s lawyer filed a motion requesting information about the identity of any hotel employees who entered the bathroom of the hotel room on the day of the secret filming took place, on the installment of security cameras in the rooms and the videotapes in question. He also asked the Judge to hear his lawsuit together with the lawsuit filed by fellow journalist Gan Turali, also suing Lider TV in connection with the incident.
The Judge refused the request on the grounds that Turali’s case has already been sent for examination. The process was postponed til August 24th.


Secretly recorded video footage of Gan Turali and Natig Adilov taken in a hotel room during a training course in Oguz was broadcast on Lider TV in April. Natig Adilov opened a lawsuit against Lider TV channel, stating that the broadcasting of this secretly recorded footage is illegal. He is requesting financial compensation of 100,000 AZN, for the humiliation of his personal dignity, interference with his private life and freedom of expression. He also demands that court to recognize violation of right to respect for private life and task the defendant with an apologize.