Administrative Economic Court refuses to hear lawyer Alayif Hasanov’s case

September 28th, 2015

On 28 September, Baku Administrative Economic Court #1, chaired by judge Elchin Mammadov, held another hearing on the case disputing an administrative act of the Azerbaijani Bar Association, filed by lawyer Alayif Hasanov.


At the hearing, the judge declared that the court lacked jurisdiction and referred the case to the Nasimi District Court in accordance with the principle of territorial jurisdiction. 


Lawyer Alayif Hasanov was disbarred in July 2015, on the grounds that on 6 November 6 2014 he had been sentenced to 240-hours of community service. The penalty stemmed from the lawsuit brought against him by Nuriyya Huseynova, a former cellmate of human rights defender Leyla Yunus. Hasanov had publicised a statement by Leyla Yunus in which she described her harassment by Huseynova. On this basis Huseynova brought a private case against the lawyer.