December 27th, 2011
On 25 December, the power supply for Gizil Taj palace located in the Nasimi District of Baku was cut to prevent the venue from hosting the 22nd anniversary celebration of the founding of Azadlig newspaper.

According to Azadliq newspaper, the event began at 4 pm and the power supply was cut off at 4:40 pm. Talks with the persons running the venue failed to resolve the problem.
According to Azadlig newspaper, the leaseholder of the venue admitted that he received orders from high circles to stop the event.
According to the mediaforum news site, the head of Public-Political Department of the Presidential Administration, Ali Hasanov, claims that the failure to hold an event dedicated to the founding of Azadlig newspaper was not due to the orders of Azerbaijan authorities. However, he supported harassment against the newspaper.
“I have doubts about articles published in this newspaper. The majority of the articles published in the newspaper, especially, all of the articles related to the President are incorrect, false, and libel. Not only can the power supply be cut off, even more should be done against such a newspaper,” said Ali Hasanov.