February 22nd, 2012
On February 21, lawyer Anar Gasimov met with Iran’s Sahar TV’s correspondent to Azerbaijan, Anar Bayramli, who is being held in Kurdakhani investigative prison,  reported Gasimov to IRFS.

Gasimov said that the journalist denies the charges brought against him.  “Anar Bayramli says that when he was taken to the Binagadi District Police Office he left his coat on the office coat-rack. After interrogation,  the police showed him the narcotics and said that they had found it in the pocket of Bayramli’s coat. Binagadi District Court, under judge Abidin Huseynov has sentenced Bayramli to 2 months pre-trial detention without his attendance at the court proceeding, said Anar Gasimov.


On the evening of February 17, five police officers visited the house of Iran’s Sahar TV correspondent to Azerbaijan Anar Bayramov, without giving any reason, took him to the Binagadi District Police Office #4. His family members contacted the Police Office and were told that 0.0387 grams of heroin had been found in Bayramli’s possession. The journalist has been charged under Article 234.1 (illegal possession of drugs). He is being detained in Kurdakhani investigative prison.