Anar Bayramli’s sentence reduced by half

Today Baku Appeals Court chaired by judge Abid Abidinbeyov heard the appeal of Iran’s Sahar TV correspondent Anar Bayramli against June 9th decision of the Binagady District Court.

In his speech Bayramli’s lawyer Anar Gasimli said that his client was arrested in connection with his professional activities. He added that if Bayramli’s appeal is granted it may have a positive effect on the international reputation of Azerbaijan, as international human rights organizations recognize Bayramli as a prisoner of conscience. He asked the court to acquit Bayramli.

Public prosecutor Jeyhun Budagov requested that the court uphold the decision of the court of first instance.

After a deliberation, the judge partially granted the appeal and reduced Bayramli’s prison term by half.

Bayramli was detained on February 17th by officers from Binagadi Police Office #4, who reportedly found 4 milligrams of heroin in his pockets. Binagady District Court sentenced him to two years in jail under Article 234.1 of the Criminal Code (illegal purchase or storage of drugs or psychotropic substances in a quantity exceeding personal dose, with no intent to sell).


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