Gundam Khabar newspaper staff threatened

August 2nd, 2012
The Gundam Khabar newspaper staff was threatened, newspaper founder Shirin Jafarli reported to IRFS today (August 2

“Yesterday Gundam Khabar printed an article titled “The secrets of car robber mafia”.

At 16:54 pm the editorial office of the newspaper received a phone call from unknown number. The person presented himself as Mahir Halfaliyev, who was mentioned in the article, and expressed his objections to the article. Even though I told him that we are ready to publish his opinion as the opposite party he began to insult and threaten me. He said he is in Russia at the moment and threatened that he will revenge on us on his return to Azerbaijan” said Jafarli, adding that they will appeal to the police and interior minister Ramil Usubov in person.

 “Gundam Khabar” newspaper has been published since June, 2009.