Anar Mammadov demands urgent payment of his compensation by Azadliq newspaper

On October 19, the Azadliq newspaper received a notification from the Yasamal District Department for the Execution of Court Decisions, according to which the newspaper was given 10 days to pay off the court-appointed compensation (4,000AZN), first deputy of the newspaper’s chief editor Rahim Hajiyev told the IRFS.

According to Rahim Hajiyev, the notification reached them three days after it was signed (signed on 16 October): “They gave us 10 days to pay 4,000AZN, three days of which have already passed. They demand urgent payment being aware of the financial strains that we are experiencing. They deliberately want to subject us to further problems. We consider this act as the government’s revenge on critical newspapers” said Hajiyev.
 Fariz Namazli, lawyer of the Azadliq newspaper, intends to file a complaint with regard to the notification.
 Businessman Anar Mammadov appealed to the court citing humiliation of his honor and damage to his business reputation in the article titled "Kamaladdin Heydarov's bear eaten" (published in the Azadlig newspaper on 1 July, 2010 and in Yeni Musavat on 2 July, 2010), and the article titled "Sheikh drives Anar Mammadov out of Dubai" (published in Yeni Musavat on 14 September, 2010). Mammadov demanded 250,000 AZN from each newspaper in compensation. On January 23rd 2012 Yasamal District Court partially granted the lawsuit by fining each newspaper 2000 manat and requiring that each publish a retraction and apologize.

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